About Us

We’re a software company running out of Ras Alkhima whose key stakeholders and investors are technology veterans with years of experience in the web, mobility and e-commerce world. We’re also a team of passionate developers and designers, and we’re building even more exciting and exceptional features into Bee POS..

How we got started

Bee is a powerful, user-friendly, cost-effective Cloud Point-Of-Sales (POS) solution designed exclusively for restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets of all sizes. Bee POS offers a simple, elegant and powerful way to run and monitor your day-to-day operations efficiently and cost effectively using an intelligent and highly intuitive interface.

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Our Services

Everything you need.. and more!.

Recipe Management & Food Costing

Configure ingredients and sub-recipes, build recipes in minutes, tweak quantities and instantly see the effect of ingredients on the cost of your menu items; stay on top of your profitability. Bee POS features incredibly powerful food costing and menu engineering that even chefs will love!.

Purchase Management

Build awesome purchase processes! Bee POS lets you raise purchase orders and receive goods against invoices at your location with incredible ease. Manage a supplier database, build conversion measurement units across ingredients, track ingredient and finished good costs, and more.

Stock Management & Inventory

Bee POS powerful inventory module lets you gain total control of your restaurant’s stock management by location, across multiple locations. Receive and transfer stock between locations, build par levels, run stock takes on a tablet, account for wastage, and so much more.

Powerful Inventory Reporting

Monitor every aspect of your stock movement, get a LIVE insight into your stock on hand, track your overall COGS, keep an eye on low-running stock, account for purchase costs and wastage costs, and more! Bee POS comprehensive reporting gives you powerful tools to stay on top of your inventory like never before.

Customisable Dashboard Layout

Bee POS dashboard gives you great LIVE insights into every aspect of your business,from top selling menu items to top performing staff, from total orders across your outlets to cancelled orders. Bee POS dashboard features report ‘widgets’, blocks that can be resized, so that you can customize it to look the way you like.


Stay on top of your entire home delivery order cycle with incredible ease. Track home deliveries from the minute your customer places an order, to when it is delivered at their doorstep. Instant insights into preparation, pick up and delivery time helps you identify issues, and be in total control of the quality of your home delivery operations..


bee POS gives your restaurant an instant, scalable and cost-effective POS solution.

Super Business Dashboard

Monitor your business remotely. Deep insights. Intelligent reporting.

Low Cost

Starting from just 350 AED a month, pay-as-you-go!


It’s super easy to use, so you can focus on business!

ERP Integration and Data Extraction

Your data, your way. Your sales information available in your accounting software or ERP..

Tablet-friendly Order-taking

Take orders on the floor or on the field. Delight your customers.

Hosted & Managed By Us

No on-premise infrastructure, no IT contracts, no headaches. Also, get free updates & features instantly!


Happy Clients Says...

“ Bee POS seamless call center implementation has simplified the way we manage our home delivery orders. The software is always evolving with new business-boosting features; I’m excited to see what's in store.”

Mr. Mohamed Al mansori Top Burger Restaurant

“ Bee POS revolutionised our customer engagement. We have thousands of customers; when a customer calls, we instantly get valuable insights and order history. Sapaad also gives us live reports and trends that boost our marketing efforts.”

Mr. Abd allah Alzaaby Voltage Burger Restaurant

“I needed a POS system that was flexible, robust and super modern. Bee POS was the right solution. It remarkably simplifies how we run our mobile food business: we simply plug in and start business.”

Mr. Hzza Mohamed Ybalah Burger Restaurant


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